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Economy and Shop

Buy stuff, pay people, buy more stuff

What is the economy system?
Every Cobalt realm (except Creative) has an economy system. The economy allows you to buy and sell your items, and pay other people with our in-game currency. To get money, sell your unwanted items, get a job if the server allows it, or ask others for jobs you can do for them.

Checking your balance
Everyone has an in-game balance that can be checked at any time. To find out your balance, type the following command: /balance. You can also view a list of the richest people on your realm with /baltop.

Paying other players
If you'd like to send some money over to another player on the server, you can take money out of your balance and send it over. /pay [player] [amount]. You can see a list of recent payments to and from your balance with /paylog.

Using the virtual shop
Most realms have an in-game shop you can use to buy items using the money in your balance. There is a physical shop you can walk to, and a virtual shop. To check the value of an item in the virtual shop, use this: /worth [item].

The virtual shop has a ton of items for sale. To buy an item, use /buy (integer) [item]. To sell an item, use /sell (amount) [item]. Replace [item] with the item you'd like buy or sell, and (integer) with the amount of the item you would like to buy/sell, if it's more than 1.

Creating chest shops
You can create interactive chest shops to let others buy or sell items from you. These shops are easy to set up, and even easier to use! You'll easily be able to make money off your items, even while offline. To start the sign shop process, place a sign next to a chest. All you need to do is format the first line of the sign to be [shop], and then the server will guide you through the rest of the process. Make sure to keep your chests monitored and stocked, because the chest next to the sign will be where the items from the transactions are deposited or removed!

Be sure to note the difference between buy signs and sell shops. Buy signs will let other players buy items from you, where sell signs will allow the player to sell items to you. You should always make sure the buy shop sells items for a greater price than sell shops. That way people can't exploit your shop to make profit.

Entering the lottery
The economic Cobalt realms have a /lottery included, where you can bid and win money. Lottery tickets cost $100, and each user can buy up to 20 tickets per draw. Once 100 tickets have been purchased, a random ticket will be drawn and win the money in the jackpot. The more tickets you buy, the most money you can win! Use /lottery buy [integer] to buy a specified amount of lottery tickets, each costing $100.

Playing the casino
The /casino is a fun way to play slot machines and win money! Casinos have three levels of difficulty, which all cost different amounts to enter. Right click on the note block at the casino to start your spin and remove the initial amount displayed from your balance. A match of three iron, gold, or diamond blocks will win you money!

Using and bidding on auctions
See our auctions wiki page for information about the Auction system.


Land Protection

Using Economy Commands