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How to Earn Staff

It takes more effort than you think

What is staff?
Our staff members are the people who run and maintain Cobalt. They're responsible for answering questions, fixing problems, and helping new users. You can view a list of online staff with /staff. However, getting on that list is very difficult! Here's some guidelines of how you can earn staff. Keep in mind that we choose staff members by observing them, and asking for staff is never a good idea!

1. Follow our rules
Respect others. Watch your language. Be productive and cooperative. You know, the usual.

2. Demonstrate leadership
Staff members are leaders, they use their influence to enforce the rules, but more importantly to be a leader and role model to other players. Staff should be mature, dedicated, hard-working people, who are always willing to help others and answer questions.

3. Help others
When a question is asked in the chat, you should drop everything to help that person! Go out of your way to be friendly to the new folks, help other people with commands or land protections.

4. Be active on the forums
Stay active on the forums so that people of other timezones can see your leadership and desire to help the server grow. If a member of our Staff Management Team hears good things about you, along with seeing you in action - we'd strongly consider it.

5. Be a Plus (+) member
We only hire members who have earned the Plus (+) rank on our server. For information, use /plus while in-game, or visit our Plus wiki article to learn how to become one.

6. Be mature
Act like an adult. Use proper grammar and spelling. Be mature in situations where another person might get mad or upset. Be as grown-up as possible.

7. Be a donor
Although donating isn't mandatory for earning staff, donating helps you greatly. We take a look at our Donors list and typically hire people from there. Why? Donors are willing to help the server with something most people don't - finances.

8. Be 13 or older
Again, not a requirement. But there's rarely an extremely mature 11-year-old.

9. Don't ask!
Asking for staff is one of the many ways we find people who are NOT good for a staff position. They are impatient, demanding, and can't find information for themselves. In most cases, if you asked for staff and were redirected to this page by another member or staff member... you're probably not a good candidate for staff here.