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Donation Prices

Warning: extreme fun included

How much does it cost to donate?
We have 4 main "donor ranks" at the Cobalt network: Supporter, VIP, Elite, and Premium. Each higher-level rank is more expensive, but comes with many more features.

All purchased ranks will last for your lifetime and activate on all Cobalt realms. In addition, you will receive a colored ribbon under your name on the Cobalt forums when you donate.

Local currencies
Listed below are the approximate conversions from U.S. Dollar (USD) to popular currencies. Note that upon purchase, your transaction will automatically convert to your local currency.

Supporter $15 USD, €14.22 EUR, £10.04 GBP, ¥1822.58 JPY

VIP $30 USD, €28.43 EUR, £20.09 GBP, ¥3646.53 JPY

Elite $60 USD, €56.88 EUR, £40.18 GBP, ¥7291.89 JPY

Premium $120 USD, €113.77 EUR, £80.36 GBP, ¥14586.12 JPY