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Donation FAQ

Questions? We're here to help

Where do I donate?
To donate, click the "Store" tab at the top of every page, or click here.

What do I get for donating?
Depending on the amount you donate, you'll receive different perks. See our Donation Benefits page for a list of benefits.

How much do I have to donate?
The amount is completely up to you! You can donate a small amount, and receive a few cool features, or donate a large amount and receive lots of features. See the Donation Prices page to learn about the ranks you can get by donating certain amounts.

Where does my donation money go?
The Cobalt Network is an expensive operation to run. We spend roughly $110 every month paying for the server bills, and 100% of your donation money goes to funding the server and paying for things like:

  • hardware (CPU, memory, storage)
  • high-speed internet
  • website (hosting, domains, BuyCraft)
  • DNS (port forwarding and IP tools)
  • DDoS/DoS mitigation and prevention
  • advertising
  • custom plugin design

The administration will never use the money for their own personal gain. Any profit is put into a bank account for use at a later time.

How safe is my information?
Cobalt uses a system called PayPal to handle donations. When you make a purchase, you enter a credit card number on a PayPal website. From there, PayPal sends us your Minecraft username and your email, along with the money you paid. All credit card numbers and other personal information cannot be accessed by us, and only passes through PayPal once. To learn about PayPal's security, click here .