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Build, judge, win prizes!

What are contests?
The Cobalt Network hosts periodical contests that take place on the Creative server. These can be building competitions, design challenges, tournaments, and more! To learn more about Contests in-game, type the following command while on Creative: /contests.

Submitting an entry
Once you read through the forum post about the current contest, you can build your own. Instructions and rules in that forum post must be followed, or you risk disqualification. Once you've finished your contest entry, use the following command to submit your entry and have it be judged: /contest submit.

Viewing entries
You can see a list of all entries with /contest list. A white name means it was recently submitted and hasn't been evaulated yet. A green name means the judges have seen the submission and that it follows all the guidelines. It can be judged by the community. A red name with a strikethrough means either the submission was disqualified or deleted. Deleted submissions will still appear in the list until the end of a contest. The number to the left of the submission name is that submission's ID, which can be used to look up more information about that submission. (See "Learning more about an entry" below).

Learning more about an entry
Want to see who made that cool entry? What time they made it on? Whether or not the judges have seen it and commented on it? Use the following command, provided you know the ID of the entry from the list command above. /contest info [ID].

Teleporting to an entry
You can see a submission for yourself, if you want to check it out. Use the following command, provided you know the ID of the entry from list command above. /contest tp [ID].

Voting for an entry
Have a favorite submission? Check out the contests by using /c tp [ID], then once you feel you know which one you like best, vote for it! Use the command below to vote, but keep in mind you only get one vote per person. /contest vote [ID]. If you'd like to clear your current vote and vote for a different entry, use /contest vote clear


/contest submit 
/contest list 
/contest info [ID] 
/contest tp [ID] 
/contest vote [ID]