IP: play.cobalt-mc.com


Connection Troubles

Having problems connecting to Cobalt?

Connection issues
Every user experiences connection issues at one point. We will do our best to make sure you have an easy, Lag-free connection. Below are some frequently asked questions about login troubles to the Cobalt servers. For other questions, see the Minecraft FAQ at the Minecraft Wiki.

What IP do I use?
We suggest that you use our main IP to connect to all Cobalt servers: play.cobalt-mc.com. It is designed to provide a fast connection to all parts of the globe, using a CDN. If you have problems with that IP, please try our alternate IPs, which will directly connect you to a specified realm. Use hub.cobalt-mc.com, survival.cobalt-mc.com, creative.cobalt-mc.com, skyblock.cobalt-mc.com, or minigames.cobalt-mc.com.

Outdated server / outdated client
In the rare occasion that you update your client right as Minecraft updates, Cobalt will not have had a chance to upgrade any of our servers either. The current version Cobalt is running on will be displayed in the Multiplayer list under Cobalt's icon. Make sure you are running that version to have the best experience on Cobalt. To learn how to change your Minecraft version, visit the downgrading guide

User not premium
To connect to our servers, you need to have a paid, legal copy of Minecraft. If you have already purchased the game, make sure you didn't click "Play Offline"

Cannot connect to minecraft.net
Sometimes Minecraft authentication can be really bad. This is not a problem on our side. The Minecraft servers are probably down, and you should wait a while before you connect again. For more info, visit the support section of the official minecraft forums.

Failed to login: Bad Login
Make sure you didn't click "Play Offline" when you logged in. Try closing and reopening Minecraft, as you may have been logged out if your computer was inactive.


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