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Click with your clique

What are clans?
Clans are Cobalt's version of Factions. With Clans, you can create a group of your closest friends and use the provided clan tools to interact with them. You can assign ranks, set a clan home base, and even chat with your whole clan!

Listing all clans
See a list of all clans on Cobalt with /clan list.

Creating your clan
Only donors are able to create clans, but everyone is able to join them. To create a clan, use /clan create [clan name]. Your clan name is important, as it will be used by all your clan members and will serve as your clan's identification.

Inviting your friends
To invite people to your clan, send them an invitation using /clan invite [player]. If they accept, they will show up in your clan member list. You can then assign ranks inside your clan.

Promoting and demoting
There are 5 "ranks", or levels inside each clan:

  • Guest (1)
  • Member (2)
  • Elder (3)
  • Co-Leader (4)
  • Leader (5)
Once a player accepts your invitation, you can promote them by using /clan promote [player]. This will promote them up one level. The only limit to ranking is that there can only be one Clan Leader (this will be you!). To demote someone, use /clan demote [player]. All clan permission changes will be /mailed to the affected user.

Clan permissions
Each rank in a clan has certain abilities, which are outlined below.

  • Guest: teleport to Clan home base, chat with clanmates
  • Member: access clan resources, receive daily clan gem reward
  • Elder: invite players to the clan, promote Guests to Members, deposit to clan bank, write to the clan bulletin board
  • Co-Leader: promote Guests and Members to elders, kick out clanmates, demote clanmates, withdraw from clan bank
  • Leader: full clan permissions, disbanding the clan

Chatting with your clan
Once you join a clan, you can privately chat with all online members of the clan, across all Cobalt realms.Use /cc [message], or simply prefix your message with a # symbol. For example, typing #Hey guys! or /cc Hey guys! will send the message "Hey guys!" to your clanmates.

In clan chat, each player has a symbol by their name so you can differentiate between the different clan ranks. They are as follows:

  • Guest: no symbol
  • Member: +
  • Elder: ++
  • Co-Leader: *
  • Leader: **

Clan bulletin board
Each clan has a bulletin board, with the latest news and updates from that clan. Events like promotions, new members, demotions, and even personal messages from the elders, co-leaders, and leader. Use /clan news to see your clan's bulletin board, or /clan news [message] to send out a news message to your clan. Sending out a message will also /mail the message to your clanmates.

Disbanding your clan or changing ownership
When it's time to disband your clan, use /clan disband. Warning! This will kick out all members of your clan and permanently delete all clan resources. If you'd rather just change clan ownership, please let us know by submitting a ticket.