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Chest Protection

Keep your stuff safe from others

What is chest protection?
Chests are containers that can hold items. Often times, when people see chests they will try to open them and take the items from the chest. If they take items without permission, they are griefing. In order to stop them from taking your items, you should lock your chests.

How do I lock chests?
When you place a chest down for the first time, it will automatically lock the chest and notify you that it has. If you are trying to lock a chest you did not place, use /lock while looking at the chest. This will block access from everyone else. To remove a chest's protection and reopen it to the public, use /unlock while looking at a chest.

How do I add players to my chest protection?
If you want to allow other players to access your chest, you are doing so at your own risk. If the player you add takes your chest contents, it is up to you to get those items back. We cannot rollback chests. With that in mind, adding players is as simple as looking at the chest and using /lock [player]. To remove access for them, use /unlock [player].

Learning about a chest
To see who owns the chest and who has permission to open it, use /info while looking at the chest.

2-month policy
After 2 months of being inactive, all of your chests and private property becomes accessible to others. That means they can take your items, enter your house, and they will not be penalized for griefing. In order to prevent this, make sure to log in at least every month so the server realizes you're still active.

Staff commands
Admins can permanently remove locked chests with /empty, and view the contents of a locked chest with /view.


/lock [player] 
/unlock [player]