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Ban Appeals

Learn how to be unbanned

Were you banned?
If you were banned on any of the Cobalt servers, don't fear! You still have a chance to return to the server, as long as you change your behavior from last time. Here's how it works.

Why were you banned?
Often times this is the hardest for people to understand. You'll simply forget breaking a rule, or play innocent and act like you did nothing wrong. However, every time a person is banned... they DID break one of our rules. So if you get banned, you're guilty whether you remember it or not. Try to remember what happened, and provide as many details as possible.

What will you change?
We don't want rule-breakers on our server. If you're honestly going to come back, we want to know that you won't be a problem for us anymore. Make sure to think about what you're going to change about your behavior next time. If you were banned for stealing, be extra careful to stay away from things you don't own. If you were banned for having an attitude, be calm and think about what you're going to say before you say it.

Ready to appeal?
Once you're ready to appeal, be sure to sign up at our forums, and then click on the button below. Keep your ban appeal professional, and remember... this is your last opportunity to be given another chance!

Appeal My Ban

Was your ban appeal rejected?
Please remember that if your ban appeal was rejected, the admins and mods had good reason for doing so. If you really, really want to come back and play on the server, you can buy an unban for $3.50. Just click here to go to the Cobalt Store and there you can purchase an unban. Please note that if you live outside of the US, the purchase will automatically be converted into your local currency.